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Infographic: 6 Ways to Advertise Without Cookies

Top 6 Ways to Advertise Without Cookies

  1. Advertiser First Party Data

    1. This data is incredibly valuable for a brand and can not be purchased or leveraged from any other source.

  2. Manicz Media 1st Party Data

    1. Robust database of consumers and B2B contacts (over 50 million contacts and growing) custom developed by the Manicz Media data team.

  3. On-Demand Targeting

    1. Build audience models based on search history, online research, custom intent and contextual content consumed.

  4. Geofencing & Geohistorical Targeting

    1. Geofencing through Manicz Media is unique in that we utilize custom drawn geoframes (instead of broad radius targeting) to cut out wasted ad impressions.

  5. CRM Matching

    1. Utilize an existing database of users, customers or subscribers, those audiences can be utilized to serve digital advertising messaging.

  6. Addressable Targeting

    1. Household or Addressable Targeting utilizing internet service provider data partnerships is one of the most accurate ways to reach consumers.

For more information on custom targeting audiences without cookies or 3rd party data, contact Manicz Media today.


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