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Audience Persona Development

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Comprehensive Audience Personas to Inform Marketing and Media Strategy

Data Management Platform for Informed Advertising

The Manicz Media Data Management Platform (DMP) brings together information from all advertising channels and touchpoints executed through our ad platform. The Data Management Platform helps marketers aggregate diverse kinds of audience data and gain a comprehensive view of their consumers. Advertisers will learn essential data about who is interacting with advertising creative, develop new audience segments based on engagement, optimize paid media performance, and create new ads that resonate with the audiences that are most likely to engage.

The Manicz Media DMP seamlessly integrates with our Demand Side Platform (DSP) to give advertisers complete control over ad distribution and audience definition. Advertising campaigns run with Manicz Media will include a download of top performing audience personas and an analysis of the data for the improvement of future campaigns.

Audience Personas and Insights for Advertising

Through the capture and segmentation of desired audiences from advertising outreach, Manicz Media is able to develop audience personas and provide insights into which segments are engaging and performing the best.

After a digital media campaign wraps up, Manicz Media is able to analyze the top performing audiences and provide an overview of the segments that performed best. This information includes marketing channel preference both online and offline, household size, income levels, education and more. These insights can help to inform future marketing and paid media strategy including creative development and enhanced audience targeting.






































Lookalike Audience Building

A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new audience segments who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your most engaged target consumers. These NEW audience segments will take on similar attributes as your top performing audiences while expanding the reach of your advertising campaigns. Lookalike campaigns can be utilized cross channel and cross device including display, video, social media and even Connected TV.

These lookalike audiences allow for better paid media optimizations and the ability to reach new audience segments that may not have been considered previously. These segments are built through data aggregation in the Manicz Media data management platform and allow media campaigns to improve over time as the data points grow. Lookalike audiences will continue to be available for use in paid media campaigns for 90 days after the last utilization. This allows future paid campaigns to tap in to previously found segments to increase overall engagement.


No cost to the advertiser

The Manicz Media data platform powers the advertising campaigns for all our clients. These audience personas are compiled during each ad campaign and allows us to provide these reports at no additional cost to our advertising partners. The audience persona analysis and visual reports are provided along with the End of Campaign wrap up report after an advertising program finalizes.

In addition to the reports being provided at no cost, the Manicz Media team will also include analysis and recommendations on how to improve the strategy for reaching the engaged audiences for future media campaigns.

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