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Data Safe Digital Advertising

After over a decade in the digital media and marketing industry, we realized that with all of the advancements in the advertising world the use of unreliable 3rd party audience data segmentation and an overall lack of advertising transparency has lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

Manicz Media and our team of digital media experts have developed a suite of digital advertising solutions that rely on 1st party audience data and partnership with Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others to ensure ad dollars are not wasted on inconsistent data segments and to especially protect clients' brands and businesses from the increasing tide of data regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

Our advertising solutions including On-Demand Targeting and Location Based Targeting allows our partners to utilize digital media to reach their desired audiences utilizing contextual relevance, keyword search history, and physical location to ensure the most relevant and engaged consumers are served brand messaging. Additionally, all of our campaigns include Ad Block Bypass our proprietary technique of ensuring advertising campaigns are not stopped by ad blockers and are actually being seen and interacted with by desired consumers.

Manicz Media is woman owned and operated. We utilize no subcontractors or outsourcing. Our media campaigns are run in-house by our team of digital strategists and advertising experts.

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