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Why Use Data Safe Advertising?

Most media companies and advertising firms are utilizing the same set of data providers in order to target their advertising campaigns. These data aggregators compile user cookies, credit card data, flight history and more in order to create segmentations to target with advertising. The problem is that consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about how their personal data is being utilized and there are growing concerns about privacy protection.


These issues and more are causing major waves in the digital advertising industry. Brands and businesses are no longer confident that they are reaching their desired audiences and there is continued fear that ad dollars are being wasted on irrelevant targeting and blocked impressions. Additionally, the various ways data aggregators build audience personas for data segmentation is showing cracks in the process. Computer algorithms created by rocket scientists are powerful tools but at the end of the day the data still needs continued analysis by living breathing human beings to ensure accuracy (which isn't happening as often as needed).

Limitations of Demographic-based Segmenation

The team at Manicz Media recognized all of these shortcomings in the industry and is taking a different approach to digital advertising. Utilizing targeting solutions that are approved by GDPR and other data safety and privacy regulations as well as leveraging Ad Block Bypass tools, Manicz Media is limiting wasted ad dollars and ensuring only engaged consumers are engaging with brands' advertising. Contact us today to learn more about how Manicz Media can ensure your ad campaigns are data safe and actually being seen by your desired audiences online.

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