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Higher Education Audience Data & Reach

The audiences for higher education are continuously evolving and changing. Interests in specific majors, scholarship opportunities, graduate programs, and more can change as students advance through their university years. This fluctuation in interests and behaviors makes outbound messaging and marketing more difficult for University and College marketing departments. Leveraging a media company with robust 1st party data can help to ensure the right audiences are reached with the appropriate ad messaging to limit wasted ad spending.

Manicz Media has a robust 1st party audience database and segmentations built and optimized through two main techniques. First, the main database is built through internal lead generation campaigns consisting of co-registration programs that allow consumers and users to opt-in to our data network. Once a contact opts-in, they are contacted via the Manicz Media data team to complete an online survey or participate in a brief phone interview. Through these polling methods, numerous data points are obtained including higher education research, school program preference, desire for financial aid or scholarships and more. These data segments can be custom tailored to the needs of Manicz Media advertising clients in an effort to maximize effectiveness, engagement and interest.

Second, in addition to this consumer polling, Manicz Media can build audience models based on search history, online research, custom intent and contextual content consumed. These audience segments are non-personally identifiable information and contain no direct data on a user's name, address, or other information that would be considered sensitive, allowing for full CCPA and GDPR compliance. We call this approach "On-Demand" targeting as we are able to compile numerous data points to predict consumer needs and interests.

Example audience data available through the Manicz Media advertising platform

Higher Education and Related Websites Available for Ad Placements*

*This is just a sampling of the sites available through Manicz Media. A full site list can be made available post campaign, upon request.

Advertising and marketing strategies will fluctuate depending on the desired target audience, the goals of the campaign and the available marketing budget for outbound messaging, Manicz Media leverages our 1st party audience data segments and unique targeting approach to ensure ad campaigns are as effective as possible while wasted ad spend is at a minimum.

For our Higher Education partners, we often recommend a comprehensive digital media mix that reaches desired audiences across multiple content channels and devices including mobile, desktop, tablet, Streaming TV and more.

Contact Manicz Media today to have one of our digital strategists reach out and discuss how our data and media platform can deliver more effective Higher Ed ad campaigns.


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