Marketing & Advertising Audit

  • Are you worried about whether your ad agency or marketing partner is making the best use of your advertising dollars?

  • Are your ad campaigns currently being left “set it and forget it” without optimizations and letting computer algorithms make all the decisions?

  • Is your Agency of Record focusing its resources on larger clients while still billing your organization by the hour?​

  • Have you gone 1, 2 or more months without receiving a report?


Manicz Media and its team of industry professionals with over 20 years of digital advertising and marketing experience is out to back up advertisers and marketers who may not realize they aren’t receiving the service they deserve by their current vendors and agencies. Manicz Media will put together a deep dive analysis of all active advertising campaigns, marketing initiatives and web presence to help showcase exactly how and where your marketing budget is being spent.

Marketing & Advertising Audit Includes:


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