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Programmatic Digital Out Of Home Advertising

The digital out-of-home (DOOH) landscape today boasts a variety of inventory from large high-impact screens, in-cinema movie screens, high-traffic billboards, and unique contextual environments. Programmatic technology allows brands to reach consumers across the full breadth of this spectrum, depending on when and where their audiences are actually spending time. Manicz Media can tap into all of these formats to combine relevant placements with dynamic digital messaging to engage key audiences in more compelling ways.

Digital out-of-home screens are everywhere from traditional locations such as billboards and urban panels to more niche venues such as gyms or doctors’ offices. The medium has a pervasive presence. Manicz Media can provide a full breakdown of available billboard locations including the addresses of each placement and estimated impressions by location.

Manicz Media Digital Out of Home Locations

Sample Breakdown of how Manicz Media Showcases Billboard Locations and Reach

Clients provide the desired locations or DMAs and Manicz Media can share available inventory and estimated daily impressions.

DOOH media falls into two main categories: Place-Based & large Format media.

Large Format

Large format media includes the billboards, such as those you see in Times Square or along highways, and urban panels seen in bus shelters and sidewalk displays. No matter the location, all large format screens are best viewed by either drivers, pedestrians, or street-level traffic.

Large format media is best for when a brand wants to make a big splash, casting a wide net to reach consumers while they’re on the go. These screens can help drive upper-funnel metrics, such as brand and product awareness. Digital billboards and street displays offer the ability to feature multiple creatives so viewers can receive new messaging and creative experiences as they pass by.


While billboards may get most of the fame, there are DOOH opportunities to reach relevant audiences as place-based media. Place-based media can be found in movie theaters, malls, gyms, office buildings, gas stations, restaurants, bars, taxis, universities, and other locations where consumers regularly spend time.

These contextually relevant environments offer brands and marketers a distinct opportunity to engage with consumers in an everyday setting. Marketers often select place-based media when they want to execute a tailored creative experience that capitalizes on the dwell time and consumer attention that these environments command. The unique nature of these screen locations enables marketers to both tap into the benefits of consumers being exposed to a campaign’s messaging as they go about their daily activities, as well as playing off of the contextual environments, matching the location to the content.

Manicz Media has an extensive inventory and reach with both Large Format and Place-Based digital out of home placements. Our platform can serve messaging across one or all formats and can even combine multiple locations and messaging approaches to reach desired audiences with impactful messaging. Once an advertiser supplies a list of markets or DMAs that they want to advertise in, Manicz Media can provide a list of all available placements and locations.

Finally, our team always recommends a comprehensive approach to advertising, combining out of home with targeted online advertising to reach audiences cross device, cross medium, and in the physical world. Media plans can be built out leveraging mobile advertising, pre-roll video, CTV/OTT, podcast advertising, streaming audio, native, email, and more!

Contact Manicz Media today to strategize a Digital OOH campaign today.


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