Case Study: Meeting Planner Advertising

A West Coast based Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) was looking to increase awareness of the region as a viable location for mid to large scale meeting functions. The destination offered a conference center, multiple upscale hotels and a major airport. Meetings bookings and overall engagement had gone down over the last year while on-going construction projects slowed internal sales staff outreach. The destination and their agency of record looked towards unique audience segmentation solutions to reach planners and begin promoting venue space, conference offerings and after-hours leisure activities.

Advertising Goals:

  • Increase RFP requests with interested meeting planners.

  • Increase brand awareness and engagement measured through website traffic and bounce rates.

Manicz Media Approach:

To achieve these goals, Manicz Media utilized On-Demand Targeting and geofencing to segment viable meeting planner audiences to drive results. Working with the DMO and their agency, Manicz Media built out estimated reach for their key markets and desired planner segments.

Additionally, geofencing was utilized to serve incentive messaging during key industry events where planners attend trade shows to learn more about the best destinations to fit their planning needs.

A geofence radius was built around the host conference centers during meeting planners industry events for IMEX, Connect, RCMA, HelmsBriscoe, PCMA, ASAE, and Cvent Connect.

Campaign Results:

Advertising through Manicz Media and our On-Demand targeting method saw a marked lift in website traffic that hadn’t been seen in over a year, recovering from historic lows for the Destination’s website and specifically their meeting planner pages of the site.

The sales cycle for reach and converting meeting planners can range but typically is months or years of outreach, messaging and sales. During the four-month run period, the destination received 12 requests for proposals from planners of major corporate and association organizations. These leads were passed to the DMO sales staff for further engagement.

Additionally, the Destination’s sales team attending the trade shows that were targeted with geofencing noted increased awareness from attendees. Trade show booth traffic and general positive sentiment/acknowledgement from attendees being served incentive based ads in real-time during the conference. These ads appeared in social media channels as well as served programmatically in news, weather, sports and lifestyle websites.


  1. Increased overall web traffic to meeting planner pages of site

  2. Raised awareness and recognition during meeting planner industry events

  3. Delivered multiple RFPs attributed to Manicz Media On-Demand Targeting

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