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Data Safe Ad Campaigns


Turn-Key Digital Ad Campaigns That Actually Reach The Right Audience

Manicz Media offer unique ways to serve digital advertising to your desired consumers. Our On-Demand Targeting, Location Targeting, Custom Site Targeting and Ad Block Bypass allows for data safe and reliable advertising that actually reaches desired users and encourages them to take action far better than just utilizing the same third party data platforms all other media vendors are already tapping into.

Once we determine reach and the ability to make an impact with your desired customers online, Manicz Media then tailors an advertising campaign to fit your marketing goals, success metrics and available advertising budget. Our digital media placements reach consumers during research, consideration and purchase stages of the audience awareness funnel.

Manicz Media works with you to determine the desired consumers, what actions you want them to take (i.e. make a purchase, consume content, request information, etc.) and craft the advertising plan that will be most successful. Once a campaign is live and reaching your ideal consumers, Manicz Media is able to optimize towards conversions and actions taken by the users. Finally, once a campaign concludes, Manicz Media provides a full wrap up report with full details on performance and insights on future campaign improvement.

See how Manicz Media campaigns perform better, contact us today and allow our team to showcase the difference when utilizing actual consumer targeting!

Digital Solutions Available

Paid Search

Google & Bing Paid Ads


Authenticity & Relevancy


Banner Advertising Solutions

Creative Design

Banner & Native Asset Creation


Pre-roll Instream Video


Campaign Analysis & Insights

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